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Here are the contestants for our free engagement/anniversary photoshoot giveaway! I’m posting them early. 🙂 Leave a comment on the post (or email us at with your favorite contestant choice. We’ll be posting these one facebook too, so you can “like” your favorite couple on there as well.

May the best couple win! Remember, voting ends on Saturday October 16th at 12:00 a.m. Thanks!

Salena and Mitch

Mitch and I met here at BYUI and became interested in each other over a dice game. We’re both very competitive! We dated for 7 months before getting engaged and were married 4 months after that. We have never had a “real” photo shoot, and its a bit of a touchy subject. When we got married almost two years ago we had engagement pictures taken by his aunt for free, saving money for the big day. This ended up being a disaster.. our photographer showed up late to the wedding and her cameras battery was dead, so she took a handful of pictures with a cheap digital camera and didn’t act like it was a big deal. So Mitch promised for our one year anniversary we would get all dressed up and get our photos taken. But when our anniversary rolled around we were pinching pennies and a photoshoot was out of the question. And now, 9 months later, we have a beautiful baby girl, who rightfully so, is getting all the cameras attention! Although our baby girl is our world and her daddy is completely wrapped around her little finger, it would be nice to finally have some nice pictures taken of just the Mr. and Mrs.!

Kendra and Doug

I would love love love for you two to take pictures of Doug and I. The only pictures we have of the two of us are either our engagement pictures or our wedding pictures and we’ll be married for 2 years in December, so I’m thinking it’s time for some new ones. 🙂 Doug and I actually met through my roommates (Tommi & Kendra) They were up here at BYU-I before I got here. Doug was in one of Kendra’s classes. When I got here, Doug was already really good friends with all my roommates. He’d come over all the time and hang out. At first, I didn’t like him. I liked this canadian, and I would talk about this other guy all the time (even in front of Doug), not knowing that Doug had a crush on me. Finally though, I figured out that Doug is perfect and we started dating and now we’re living happily forever & after.

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Marci Jones - October 16, 2010 - 6:08 am

I definitely vote for Doug and Kendra. They are a beautiful couple and deserve a new photo shoot to display the change in their lives together for all time.

Patti Cousins - October 16, 2010 - 1:14 am

I vote for Doug and Kendra. They are the greatest couple!

Stephanie Stokes - October 15, 2010 - 1:51 am

I am not a robot. I just want to vote for Doug and Kendra! haha.

Stephanie Stokes - October 15, 2010 - 1:50 am


Sam - October 14, 2010 - 10:20 pm

I second the motion for Doug and Kendra!

Katie Hernikson - October 13, 2010 - 4:13 pm

Kendra and Doug because Kendra is AWESOME!!!

Katie - October 13, 2010 - 12:28 am

I vote for Kendra and Doug!

Abbi - October 12, 2010 - 9:38 pm


Abbi - October 12, 2010 - 9:38 pm

Vote Doug and Kendra!!!

Cheryl Whittaker - October 12, 2010 - 8:37 pm

I would like to vote for “Kendra & Doug”!

Kristine - October 12, 2010 - 7:31 pm

I vote Kendra & Doug!

Eileen Klingler - October 12, 2010 - 7:09 pm

I vote for Kendra and Doug!

Matt Murphy - October 12, 2010 - 6:51 pm

Put me down for Kendra and Doug!

Nancy Richardson - October 12, 2010 - 5:59 pm

I vote for Doug and Kendra

Nancy Richardson - October 12, 2010 - 5:56 pm

I vote for kendra and Doug

kayla evans - October 12, 2010 - 5:05 am

i vote for kendra and doug!!!!

Lorraine Evans - October 12, 2010 - 4:58 am

I vote for Kendra & Doug! Their aunt took their wedding pictures too, and when they tried to print them out from their computer they have a green tint to them. UG not very pretty. They totally need some GOOD pictures of themselves!

Mike Evans - October 12, 2010 - 4:48 am

My vote goes to Kendra And Doug Garding.

Eugene Clark - October 12, 2010 - 3:24 am

a Vote for Doug and Kendra

Kassi Clark - October 12, 2010 - 3:23 am

I vote for Kendra Doug!! Good Luck guys!!!

Gma - October 12, 2010 - 1:44 am

One vote for Salena and Mitch please.

Leann - October 11, 2010 - 10:03 pm

Salena and Mitch have my vote!

Amelia Harris - October 11, 2010 - 8:15 pm

I vote for Salena & Mitch! I think they deserve it! 🙂

Laura - October 11, 2010 - 7:13 pm

I think Doug and Kendra should win! They are so cute together and they don’t have pictures of themselves because Doug is always the one taking the pictures!

kristi packard - October 11, 2010 - 6:42 pm

Kendra and Doug are the best couple ever!!! They would be so much fun to work with at a photo shoot and they totally deserve one! They are the nicest most attractive couple too! 🙂

Becky - October 11, 2010 - 6:31 pm

I vote for Doug and Kendra!

Becky Gardign - October 11, 2010 - 6:28 pm

You should Vote for them!!

amelia - October 11, 2010 - 6:18 pm

kendra and doug need to win this! they are so great

amelia - October 11, 2010 - 6:17 pm

kendra and doug are the greatest! they need to win this=)

Jimmy - October 11, 2010 - 6:08 pm

Thanks, for your vote. It turns out Mark and Maren decided they couldn’t do it so they withdrew. If you wanted to vote again you are more than welcome.

Kendra Garding :) - October 11, 2010 - 6:08 pm

I think that Doug and Kendra should win. 🙂 They haven’t had any new pictures of themselves in 2 years. Their engagement pictures were taken by a roommate of Kendra’s and their wedding photos were taken by Kendra’s Aunt. They would love to have some nice professionally taken pictures hanging up in their home! 🙂

Janelle - October 11, 2010 - 5:37 pm

i vote for mark and maren!

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