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Tracter; June 9, 2010; 5:06 pm; Rexburg Library; f 1.8, 1/3200; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

This week we were supposed to create a fine art template for images. I had taken some pictures of construction I and thought that they would make some great photographs for the fine art template. I first tried combining them into one but quickly found out that they didn’t work together and that may be because I shot them in black and white and they just got lost together.

Construction; June 9, 2010; 5:04 pm; Rexburg Library; f 1.8, 1/1600; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

This is the other image that I wanted to use and combine with the first image. I really liked both of these and thought that it would be a fun little thing together. I really like the image in black and white because I think that it adds more to the image and makes it into a different photograph.

So I ended up just using the second image for the template. I created some boxes in photoshop as one object then simply took the image and made a clipping mask of it. I was surprised to find that it really makes the image look more artsy. It is was a fun edit to use and can add a lot to images if used correctly.

category: Edits

Sky; June 14, 2010; 11:42 pm; My Apartment; f 3.5, 5 min; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

We were also supposed to show boarders this week and I used some different shots. I took a photograph for photographics society and decided to use it here. It is a farm at night, and I really wanted to show the stars. I used a hide reveal technique where I made an object in illustrator and then brought it over and just did a clipping mask. It was fun.

Sign; May 21, 2010; 8:45 am; Dubois; f 1.4, 1/400; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

I decided to use one of the pictures that I took on our trip out to Bannak. For the edit I took the marque tool and made a square in the middle of the image. I then deleted the middle of a copied layer of the image then put a stroke on it. The picture is SOOC besides the border I put on it.

category: Light

This last week we had an assignment for photographing light. We were supposed to use light and long shutter speeds to get some interesting effects. I had great ambitions for this particular photography assignment, but what seems like always, I ran out of time and I wasn’t able to do some of the things that I wanted to.

Self Portrait; June 13, 2010; 11:11 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 10; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

I tried to do a self portrait that made me look like I had this gap in the middle of my face and head. I think that it took me something like 20 tries to get this one right. I had to use my cell phone to cast the light on my face in order to get the other half be in the dark. Then I had to move just slightly to get the gap. I took this image in black and white and it is SOOC.

Sitting; June 13, 2010; 11:37 pm; My Apartment; f 4, 15; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

I asked for my wife’s help with this photo and I had her sit in the middle of my apartment. I then went behind with my cell phone and used a light app that changes color. I waved it around Michelle and got this interesting effect. I had to decrease the exposure just a little and I decided to increase the saturation to get those colors to really pop out.

Gringos; June 14, 2010; 11:00 pm; Gringos; f 22, 1.6"; Canon Rebel XS; 28-75 mm

The last photograph that I want to show is from last night. I went out to try and take a photograph where I move the camera to capture the light in a different way. Instead of moving the camera I actually set my lens at the highest focal length then while the camera is capturing the light I zoomed it out. I really like the effect, and this image is SOOC.

category: Color

This last week we had a photography assignment for a class where we took a picture every day. For that project I shot in black and white and it was stuff around my house. I did make two other photographs that week that I wanted to share on here.

Fridge; June 2, 2010; 11:40 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 1/25; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

I really like this photograph because of the color that it presented. It didn’t really look as nice as with the color so that is why I kept it out of the past assignment. This photograph was of the paper balls that are hanging from my apartment ceiling for my daughters birthday. I took a couple of pictures in different angles but this really is the best one. This image is SOOC.

Pipes; June 5, 2010; 5:40 pm; Downtown Rexburg; f 2.8, 1/500; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

On Friday we went out to take pictures of my wife’s cousin and I found these great pipes. This was really one of those times where I just saw the pictures and then took it, then moved on. I only made one photograph and I really liked this. This image is SOOC.

category: Edits

Another one of the assignments was to take the pictures for the last assignment and create a spread for a book. I made this template to show the weeks progress. In order to make this template I had to make images and make them into clipping masks. A clipping mask will cut the image down and create a cool effect. For the white boarder around the edge of the image you just need to add a stroke to the image. I added another layer behind everything and added some stamps.

category: Black & White

This last week we had the assignment to take a new picture every day of the week. The goal of this assignment was to look at the same things that normally are seen and then make a photograph. But the real goal is to make a photograph that is different and engaging. So here are the 7 photographs that I have made this last week.

Fridge; June 2, 2010; 11:40 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 1/30; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

The first day I decided to look around my apartment, not to mention it was like 20 minutes until the next day. So I spent some time looking for an interesting photograph. I happen to go into the fridge and started making photographs. Well I ended up taping the light down and I got some interesting things. I also decided to shot in black and white and I from then on I decided to make the rest of the pictures this week black and white. This image is SOOC.

Light; June 3, 2010; 8:30 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 1/4000; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

After the first day I decided to continue with the theme of apartment and what is close by my house. I looked around and I thought that I would try and photograph the light. So I pumped up the shutter speed and turned down the f-stop to get something fun. This image is SOOC.

Kitchen Counter; June 4, 2010; 6:18 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 1/125; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

After dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen and I thought that this would make an interesting photograph. How many times do we look at these things, place them around our house but never really take the time to look and see what it makes. This image is SOOC.

Trash; June 5, 2010; 9:10 am; My Apartment; f 1.8, 1/100; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

One of my regular duties as a father is to take out the trash. It has been something that I have done from the first day that I got married. Anyway as I took out the garbage I saw an opportunity for photograph. I took the picture and wanted to make sure that I had a shallow depth of field. I think it made an interesting photograph. This image is SOOC.

Fence; June 6th, 2010; 2:00 pm; My Apartment; f 1.8, 1/100; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

Continuing the theme, outside my apartment there is a really old fence where I park my motorcycle. As I was getting on to leave I thought that the fence and the lining would make something intriguing. I really like the strong lines that are going up and down as well as sideways. This image is SOOC.

Nook; June 6, 2010; 4:40 pm; My Apartment; f 1.8, 1/100; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

Right outside our door there is this crazy tree. I actually don’t even know what kind it is, but that isn’t saying much. I haven’t really ever studied that kind of stuff. Anyway on one side was a knot and I wanted to take a picture of it. I took several but I think that this one, with a shallow depth of field, was the best. This image is SOOC.

Bikes; June 7, 2010; 7:03 pm; My Apartment; f 1.8, 1/40; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

For the last day I was walking around my apartment complex and there were a ton of bikes. When I say a ton, really I think we have more bikes than we have tenants. Obviously that inspired me to make a photograph and this is the outcome. This image is SOOC.

category: Edits

Along with the portrait assignments we were asked to edit the portraits that I took. There were a few different edits that we could choose from, and I did all of them.

Lumo; May 31, 2010; 5:10 pm; Rexburg Temple; f 2.8, 1/50; Canon Rebel XS; 28 mm

This edit is called the lumonisty effect. It is an effect from a photoshop guru that shows some cool and fun effects. This edit you take the highlights and shadows in a channel then do some fun things to create the image above. What is also fun, the original image can be cropped in more because you are only making a selection and it doesn’t distort the pixels.

This is the original image before it was cropped down and given the Lumo effect. What a difference huh?

Above; May 29, 2010; 6:22 pm; Idaho Falls Temple; f 1.4, 1/2000; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

The other day we had some friends that we took some bridal and wedding shots of, even though it had been a few years since they were married. We did it to get some experience and just try new things. Always fun to do when you can. I like this photo because of the really shallow depth of field. The edits I did with this one was brighten the eyes and teeth; also I evened the skin. The following image is the original and you can see the difference.

Tie; May 31, 2010; 5:31 pm; Rexburg Temple; f 5.0, 1/50; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

Another edit we were required to do was to take an element of the image and change it into a different color using color replace. Well I decided to do it to his tie because it was the brightest color in the photo. Changing the tie color actually changed the lips and other skin elements so I had to mask out everything besides the tie. The original image is below.

Match Color; May 31, 2010; 3:22 pm; Rexburg Temple; f 3.5, 1/400; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

This last edit, we were supposed to match the color from one picture to another. I think this is a good skill to learn, but I don’t really know when I will use it besides trying to combine two images. I personally don’t like doing that much stuff in photoshop but I also know you get some strange request some times. I had a little trouble to get the image to look somewhat similar but eventually did it. The image above is matched to the image below. Also the last image in this post is the original.

category: Color

This weeks assignment, if you didn’t know, was to take some portrait pictures. Our assignment was to make a least 4 new portraits photographs and one of those photographs need to include 2 or more people. Luckily, I like to think that I am a little experienced with portrait photography because I run a photography business. I happened to have set up a meeting with a few people that wanted a few more photos of them dressed up in their wedding garments. Also, it never fails that I think the cutest pictures are of my children, but I am a little biased in that department.

Little Girl; May 29, 2010; 3:22 pm; My Apartment; f 1.8, 1/125; Canon Rebel XS; 85 mm

This is an image of my daughter, and I took it on the couch in my apartment. Right behind the couch and to the left in this picture is a very large window that lets in a lot of light. I really like this photograph because of the dramatic lighting it puts on her face. This image is SOOC, trying to stay with that all semester and doing ok at it.

Different Eyes; May 31, 2010; 5:22 pm; Rexburg Temple; f 1.4, 1/400; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

This is one of the photographs that I made of a couple that needed some more photographs of them in their wedding attire. I thought that this was an interesting angle and really shows that they are close. I mean, lets be honest, no one would get that close if they didn’t feel comfortable near each other. This image is SOOC.

Wanting; May 31, 2010; 1:22 pm; My Apartment; f 1.4, 1/50; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

One of the hardest thing is to get an image of my son. I think it has gotten to the point that he is so sick of getting his picture taken that he actually screams at us when ever we point a camera at him. When I say scream I mean SCREAM. He shouts NO and runs while hiding his face. For this photograph I was able to snick it in because he was wanting a glass of milk. This image is SOOC.

Kissy Kissy; May 31, 2010; 5:47 pm; Rexburg Temple; f 1.4, 1/1250; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

This is the last picture for this assignment, even though I have so much more I could share. It has been a pretty intense week and I really tried to do some research on new poses, and I ended up finding something similar to this photograph above. I like bokeh and how the focal length was done. This image is SOOC.

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Bannak Pot; May 21, 2010; 1:22 pm; Bannak; f 1.4, 1/800; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

Another assignment that we had was to take a picture in which we reversed the focal point of the image. I found this pot amongst some other things. I had to move it into the light to be able to capture a photograph and make it look somewhat interesting. This image is SOOC.

Pot Reverse; May 21, 2010; 1:22 pm; Bannak; f 1.4, 1/1000; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

Here is the same shot but with a different point of the image that is in focused. I liked both of these images becuase of the different focal points that they offer. It is interesting  how the difference can really change a photograph and make things look different.

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Red Scarf; May 21, 2010; 9:51 pm; Dubois; f 1.4, 1/1000; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

Also at the warehouse in Dubois I also took this picture of Amber. The window was casting some good light in and I think added a nice effect on her face. The image is not edited on my computer, or in other words it is SOOC.

Old Mason; May 21, 2010; 1:14 pm; Mason Temple; f 1.4, 1/500; Canon Rebel XS; 50 mm

One of the coolest thing that I think they had at the ghost town was an old Mason temple. They had a ton of old artifacts, which I think are very interesting. My grandfather was a mason and he would always tell things about them and hint to other things. Looking at this ancient temple and some of the things that were inside really was a cool experience for me. This gentleman really reminded me of my grandfather.